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Experience the Icelandic horse with us

We offer private riding tours for groups of all sizes. 

For bookings and further information please contact us at

Terms and Conditions

Travel insurance

Individual travel insurance is not included in the tour price.

Remember to take out travel insurance before your journey. Please note that all riding is at your own risk. Residents of the EU/EEA countries should bring their European Health Insurance Card (E-111 form) in case of illness and need for medical care.


Pricing and terms of payment
All of our prices are listed on our website, 


Hestamiðstöðin Borgartún reserves the right to alter the itineraries or change timetables without prior notice to guests if weather conditions or other events outside the control of Hestamiðsöðin Borgartún prevent going on the original tour. The riding routes are therefore subject to weather conditions and can be changed without refunds. Hestamiðsöðin Borgartún does not take any liability for costs incurred because of changes to our timetable or itineraries. Please also note that riding is at your own risk.

Riding wear / gear – Caution: Disinfect!

Used boots, riding wear, helmets, saddlebags etc. must be disinfected before arrival in Iceland.  Chaps, bridles and other used leather gear must not be brought to Iceland. That is because infectious, contagious diseases can easily be brought into the country, which poses a great threat for the horses as they are not vaccinated. Riding wear is normally washed and shoes and are washed and cleaned with VirkonS, Iodine or some other fluid disinfectant. For further information please click here. The riding style in Iceland is similar to English riding. We use simple snaffle bits, bridles with detachable nose-bands and clips on the end of the reins so they can be easily removed when grazing. Our saddles are comfortable with soft, rather flat seat, it is not necessary to bring saddle seat pads.


Cancellation policy, refund
In cases where you wishes to make a cancellation regarding your booking for a day tour, it is necessary to contact the Customer Service Department, without unreasonable delay.

If the day tour is canceled by us, for example, due to bad condition considering the weather or other reasons, you will be offered another date for the tour, or we will pay full refund if the booking was pre paid. 


Safety and security

Hestamiðsöðin Borgartún maintains a high-security standard. Backpacks, large cameras, selfie sticks and other bulky items cannot be taken on horseback. Small waist bags are allowed. Riding is at your own risk.

All participants should wear a helmet during the riding tour without any exceptions.

People under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs are not permitted on riding tours.

Please note that the weight limit for all tours is 110 kg (240 lbs).

Minimum age

The age limit for all tours is 7 years. Excluded is the Beach ride where the age limit is 12 years old. 

Children 14 years or older need written parental permission to ride alone.

Please visit our website,  for further information regarding each day tour available.

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